The funds collected from this exhibition will be used to rebuild Nway Oo Kyan Mar- Spring Health clinic that is featured in the photo series.The clinic has started as a mobile team, then to be established as a fully functional clinic in January 2022.Just like other medical units in the area that are frequently targeted by Junta's airstrikes, the clinic was destroyed by the airstrikes on May 20, 2023.The team is now working diligently to rebuild the clinic and urgently require substantial assistance.The clinic is one of the major healthcare providers in eastern Demoso Township, one of Karenni's strategically significant war zones, home to tens of thousands of IDPs.
The fund will be managed by one of the event collaborators, Better Burma . We take all forms of donations, PayPal, Credit card, Patreon, Venmo, Cashapp, bank transfer, crypto.

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